Pre-Chopper Technique for Phaco Surgery

pre-chopper title

The Pre-Chopper instrument was developed by Takayuki Akahoshi MD from Japan and it allows the cataract nucleus to be divided into quadrants before placing the phaco probe in the eye. The technique does require using the specialized pre-chopper instrument which is available from many vendors. Some surgeons find this technique easier to learn that Phaco Chop and both techniques offer similar results.

The video today was sent by an anonymous ophthalmologist for evaluation. The surgery is very good and the results are excellent. This surgeon performs some techniques which I don’t typically use, so the learning for our viewers is excellent as they will be exposed to new procedures.

This video features:

  • pre-chopping of the nucleus
  • use of intra-operative aberrometry
  • insertion of a single-piece, silicone, plate-haptic IOL

Click below to watch the video with my narration and analysis. 


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