Slow Motion Analysis of Phaco with EDOF IOL

Slow motion EDOF title

Among our most popular features is the slow motion analysis of cataract surgery: when we slow down the video, we can see and learn the subtle details which make the procedure so smooth and successful. The video here is from guest surgeon Dr. Michael Patterson from Crossville, Tennessee, USA. I will first start with an analysis at 1/3rd speed and we will pay special attention to techniques that are different than what I normally do.

One such technique is using the diamond side-port blade to fixate the eye while the main incision is made with the primary keratome, all prior to the viscoelastic fill — something I’m calling the Patterson Double Diamond Technique.

double diamond keratome

We will then play the surgery at normal speed with a voice-over explanation from Dr. Patterson to hear from the surgeon himself.

For the young surgeons in training: learn from many different surgeons, emulate your mentors initially, and then develop your own style. One day I will be learning from your innovations.

Click below to watch the video and learn from the slow motion analysis:

Note that the video has some minor editing to shorten the overall length of the surgery.

double diamond keratome


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