Nevus of Ota Cataract Surgery


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Nevus of Ota refers to hyperpigmented lesions on the sclera as well as peri-ocular skin. The color tends to be dark bluish in hue but may also appear grey, brown, or black. It is thought to be due to focal accumulation of melaocytes during fetal development and though it is often present at birth, it is not typically hereditary. The lesions tend to be at the tissues supplied by the first two branches of the trigeminal nerve. It is far more common in females than males, and the overall incidence is quite low at about 1 in 3000 births.

It has been associated with some ophthalmic conditions:

  • a very small percent of patients can develop an ocular melanoma and as such, they should have a yearly ophthalmic exam with dilated fundoscopy.
  • there can also be an uncommon association with ipsilateral cataract
  • rarely glaucoma can also be associated with Nevus of Ota

The case presented here is of a healthy patient with a lifelong history of Nevus of Ota of the left eye and left eyelids. Prior ocular history is notable for moderate myopia and corneal astigmatism. We are sincerely appreciate of this patient’s permission to show these photos and videos to help educate ophthalmologists worldwide.

nevus of ota external
The Nevus of Ota has both a skin component and a globe component. The eyelids show increased pigmentation and the sclera also has areas of melanotic deposits.


nevus of ota fundus
The posterior segment is also affected in patients with Nevus of Ota as seen in this retinal fundus photo which has increased pigmentation and more tortuous vessels in the affected eye.

The first eye cataract surgery was done a few weeks prior and it went beautifully. For this second eye, the left eye with the Nevus of Ota, there were some differences. The pupil did not dilate as well and the capsular tissue was perceived to be thinner. Fortunately, those were easy issues to handle and the surgery went great without any complications or issues.

Watch the video below to see more:




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