White Cataract Week is Coming Up!

Sneak Preview: tomorrow is the start of White Cataract Week and we will have a new article and new video every day, Monday through Friday. New posts go online at 5AM Pacific Time, because the early bird gets the worm and I’m an early bird.

  • Monday: How to differentiate white cataracts (they’re not all the same)
    • not all white cataracts TEXT
  • Tuesday: Dealing with the Run Away Rhexis (Argentinian Flag Sign)
    • what happened argentinian flag
  • Wednesday: The Double-Rhexis Technique (x2 in the same eye)
    • double rhexis text
  • Thursday: The USA Flag Sign for White Cataracts (not Argentinian Flag Sign)
    • USA flag sign
  • Friday: How to get through the tough posterior plate of a truly dense white cataract
    • DWC flip and chop text

If you have a patient population where you frequently see white cataracts, these posts are dedicated to you. These patients are relatively common around the world and every cataract surgeon will need to know how to successfully manage these tricky cases. In Los Angeles, I do surgery for white cataracts in both our private surgery center in Beverly Hills as well as in our public county hospital with charity patients.

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