For Patients – Please Read This First!

This website is intended to teach eye surgeons worldwide about the various techniques of cataract surgery. While it is not intended for patients, you are welcome to look around and learn a little bit too.

If you’re not squeamish about watching ocular surgery, here is a video which shows a routine cataract surgery with narration in plain English.

Understand while watching this video that the patient does not see the surgery and does not feel any pain. In fact, at the end of the surgery when I told the patient that we were done and that everything went beautifully, she remarked that she didn’t even realize that we had started.

Should you wish to see Dr. Devgan for your own cataract surgery, it is well worth the trip to Los Angeles / Beverly Hills to enjoy a lifetime of excellent vision. If you want the best in cataract surgery for your own eyes, then choose the best!

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