1650: how to reposition a toric IOL

When we implant a toric IOL to address pre-existing corneal astigmatism, we need to orient the axis of the IOL precisely for the maximum refractive benefit. There are cases where the IOL can mis-rotate in the eye during the healing period due to retained viscoelastic which acts as a lubricant between the optic and the capsule or due to patient healing response, anatomic variations, or jarring activities. If the IOL mis-rotates during the immediate post-op period it is relatively easy to reposition it because the capsule bag is open and the shrink-wrap effect has not yet occurred. But how do you reposition a toric IOL many months (or longer) after the original cataract surgery? This video shows you my best pearls for success.

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    1. As long as you have confirmed that the haptics are free, you don’t necessarily need to bring them out of the capsular bag.

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