Future of IOL calculations: AI

In just 5 minutes this video will show you the future of IOL calculations. Imagine if you met someone who thought that he could beat a computer at chess — laughable, right? The same thing is happening in IOL calculations and will transform the way you choose IOL powers.

You certainly realize that all eyes cannot be treated the same. A small, hyperopic eye will not have the same method of lens calculations compared to a long axial myopic eye. The same applies for corneal power, anterior chamber depth, and more. When you “optimize your A-constant” you are changing it for all eyes across the spectrum but this is not appropriate. In decades prior, we “honed” this A-constant because it the math was reasonable. A much better method would be to optimize the calculations based on 10 ranges of axial length, 10 ranges of keratometry, and 10 ranges of AC depth, but his produces a complex grid of 1000 different optimization combinations (10x10x10). You can’t do this math very easily, but our cloud-based AI computer can!

click below to watch this 5 minute video about the future of IOL calculations:

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