Persistence during Phaco Chop is critical

persistence during phaco title 143

It is critical that you not give up on phaco chop as a technique but also within a surgical procedure. The first attempt at phaco chop may not always work due to many reasons such as loss of vacuum leading to diminished holding power by the phaco probe or misplacement of the chopper resulting in just a scored nucleus instead of a complete split. In the case shown here, we are able to split the nucleus with the chopper but we have some difficulty in bringing pieces out of the capsular bag. The solution is to rotate the nucleus, do more chopping, and try again. After a few attempts, we get the first nuclear piece up and then we emulsify it. Then the other pieces follow suit quite easily.  Again, the key is persistence.

Click below to watch the concept of persistence in phaco chop:

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    1. I use many different ones. Some videos are Zeiss Lumera, others are Alcon Luxor, and occasionally I will use a Leica. You can adjust the light settings to emphasize the red reflex, then in the video editing software you can adjust further.

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