Cortical Spokes blocking the view for Capsulorhexis


cortical spokes blocking rhexis view title

In this cataract surgery, which is otherwise routine, the cortical spokes of the cataract are blocking the view right where we want to do the capsulorhexis. No matter how bright we make the microscope light, these cortical opacities completely block the view in that area for nearly half of the circumference of the planned capsulorhexis.

The options are many: we can use a femtosecond laser, the Zepto capsulotomy device, a Fugo blade, or we can do it with capsulorehxis forceps. The key in this case is to let go of the capsulorhexis flap in preparation for a re-grab only at a position where there is a sufficient view. With this technique, we can complete the capsulorhexis without much of an issue and then proceed with the rest of the surgery.

Click below to watch a video of this case:


    1. Ink will not last. Best may be to etch it on there using an engraving tool or fine file. For my forceps these marks are anodized onto the titanium by the manufacturer.

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